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Butterfly Effect
May 1, 2013

You had to build the cocoon as your sanctuary

In order to find your new self in tranquility

As you transformed, the sanctuary became the enemy

Demolishing your home turned out to be your first duty

Don’t worry, you will be okay

You didn’t belong there anyway

Embrace life, or else you will be cast away

Remember, you have only a single day

You are now like a newborn star in dreams

Behold your beauty and elegant limbs

Feel the air flow by you, flip your wings

Taste the drops of life on the leaves

I wish I were you, just like a baby

My smiles could buy world’s sympathy

And my cries would enslave everybody

Each day, sailing towards a new discovery

But, what is it that you are still searching in pain?

Don’t tell me all this splendor is in vain

You are a blossom in the air, don’t be insane

I cannot reason your ceaseless disdain

Oh butterfly, you have woken me up

Is this face mine or is it makeup

Or, am I you in my dream? Reality is messed up

After a life-long delusion, I need a clean up

I am now seeking a beauty

One that I saw in a dream I don’t remember

From one flower to another, alas I cannot find it.

I am starving, how am I going to survive?

But my yearning for the beauty becomes my food.

A beauty whose absence is so powerful,

I cannot even imagine reunion with it,

A beauty that is with me, but I am far from it.

Seth Mette is a professor of aerospace engineering